Hermione's Love Triangle

By  Selina
Published on   20, 2022

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You are Hermione, and you were born with magical powers. You are on the train ride to your school. You are going to the best school to be a top witch--Hogwarts.

Start To Test

You walk past several cabins, then pick one with two boys in it. You get in and sit down.

Finally! The day I have been dreaming of! Off to Hogwarts, and soon I’ll be the best witch the world has ever seen.

Among the two boys. One is wearing glasses and has a weird scar on his forehead, and the other has red hair. The boy wearing glasses speaks first.

'Hi, I’m Harry. Harry Potter.'

I’ve heard of him! He’s the boy that….. lived.

'And I’m Ron.'

'I’m Hermione. A pleasure to meet you.'

Harry’s glasses are broken. I know of a spell that can fix it. But if I use it, they may think I’m a nerd.

Fix Harry’s glasses
Don't do anything

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