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12 Winter Nail Colors That Will Be Everywhere In 2022

Published on   Nov 03, 2022

While winter is often associated with freezing-cold temperatures, muddy sleet, and endless gloomy days, there are also snow boots, red lipstick, and even winter hair trends! Hot chocolate! And my fave: winter nail colors, like rich plums, deep blues, and shimmery metallics. Sure, you can wear these shades year-round, but there’s something especially festive about back-to-back deep hues during the winter months.

First up is today's video with some ideas for nail polish.



Need some inspo for your next salon appointment or at-home mani? Or do you want to give your friends a small Christmas present? Keep scrolling for all the best winter nail colors of 2022, along with predictions on the biggest winter nail trends for 2023.



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ZOYA Nail Polish in Danica (Holiday Green Color)
$ 10.00 AT AMAZON
  • Safe for pregnant women and health-conscious women
  • Vegan-friendly and longest wearing natural nail polish claim
  • Breathable formula

Think about one color when mentioning Christmas. Exactly. Besides red, the blessing-eyes color: "Christmas tree green," always rank at #1st place. Bringing a modern holiday green, Zoya Nail Polish in Danica melts every heart with its unique rich deep teal cream. It's not about the edgy & elegant color but the high-quality and natural ingredients that make Zoya stand out. And that's why Zoya is the top choice of many Hollywood celebs and is found in every UK & NY professional salon.


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Morgan Taylor Nail Lacquer, Purple Nail Polish
$ 9.50 AT AMAZON
  • Relaxed comfort and complete control
  • Ultra-fine bristles for precision
  • High-quality formula and heavy pigment
  • Up-to-10-day stay

Six years voted as the Favorite Nail Lacquer, Morgan Taylor's polish knows how to shock people in every shade. Its lovely purple version, this time, will bring a new wind into the cold season. A little twist but pure pigment coming with luminous metallics gives your nails a never-seen-before shimmer look. Easily layering your nails from sheer to star with Morgan Taylor's lightweight & comfortable caps. Even more satisfied: the ultra-fine bristles ensure a zero-effort painting experience for every newbie. Get the glistening glitters & lovely purple sheers in crèmes formula with Morgan Taylor's.


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ILNP MEGA - 100% PURE Ultra Holographic Nail Polish
$ 10.00 AT AMAZON
  • No gritty texture at all
  • Non-Toxic, Vegan, Cruelty-Free
  • Long lasting, fast drying

Life is too short to have plain nails. And there's "snow" chance we allow you to go out with boring nails this season. This is the great chance to wear rock the Holographic look for even the most casual looks. 100% Pure Holographic Nail Polish from MEGA will melt everyone's heart with its intense holographic sparkle. MEGA is filled with high-quality & vegan formula; each bottle is a stunning art waiting for you to explore. It's long-lasting, giving a 100% all-thriller, no-filler smooth & glossy look, and completely effortless to remove. Step into the light and get everyone's eyes on your overwhelmed fingernails.


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OPI Nail Lacquer, Brown Nail Polish (Malaga Wine)
$ 9.77 AT AMAZON
  • Non-toxic wine red nail polish
  • Crème finish giving a glass-half-full look
  • Top choice for weekly manicures
  • 7-days stay

How can you go wrong with the #1 salon NAIL POLISH brand worldwide? By that, we're talking about the iconic OPI. This OPI Nail Lacquer brings you the classic Wine Red Nail shade, the top match choice for every winter. Put the original OPI Nail Lacquer on and instantly achieve the shiny glass-half-full look thanks to its crème finish. Imagine lying on the sofa, holding a glass of wine, then taking a sip to celebrate Christmas. Finally, adding a beautiful & juicy red nail using OPI to complete the look. And that's called life.


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Sally Hansen Color Therapy Nail Polish (Plum Euphoria 402)
$ 11.97 AT AMAZON
  • Giving a refreshing boost
  • Vibrant color made with an Argan Oil formula
  • Provides an instant moisturizing effect

Is nail polish toxic?


Then, are we going to stop painting our nails?


But wait. We have good news for you, nails lover. "Dressing" your nail now can nurture your nails while making them look gorgeous. Welcome to Sally Hansen Color Therapy! With rich Argan Oil ingredients, Sally Hansen instantly moisturizes and rejuvenates once it touches your nails. The quality is great, but the color is perfect— Euphoria 402 in the Plum shade will suit every skin tone and color. Enjoy Sally Hansen Color Therapy is giving therapy treatment to your nails.


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essie Gel Couture 2-Step Longwear Nail Polish (Lace Is More)
$ 10.24 AT AMAZON
  • Salon quality
  • No need UV drying

Get your perfect salon nails at home? Come to essie Gel Couture 2-Step Longwear Nail Polish. 2 steps only, and you will quickly achieve a luxurious, longwear, and impeccable look. What's more crazy? essie Gel Couture polish giving a gel finish WITHOUT the UV lamp! essie stops you from worrying about going to the nail salon every weekend, paying 20 to 50 bucks to feel pretty. It's not a gimmick. It's a deal. Cop the "lace is more" in glowing sheer vanilla white shade and bring the winter closer. Luxurious longwear and impeccable gel nail polish like shine in an easy 2-step system; use gel couture nail color and top coat together for optimal results.
essie's salon quality nail supplies are all you need for a stylish manicure or pedicure treatment at home; from base coat to top coat; and shades ranging from iconic classics to trendsetting colors inspired by fashion America's nail salon expert.


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Dazzle Dry Nail Lacquer (Blue Blood Color)
$ 22.00 AT AMAZON
  • Nail salon at home
  • Fast-drying, long-lasting
  • A unique full coverage galaxy-inspired shimmer

Have you ever heard of scientific nail polish? Different textures and exceptional formulas, introducing an innovative formula nail product formed in the lab: Dazzle Dry NAIL LACQUER. Dazzle Dry with non-harsh chemicals features fast-drying, longest-lasting, without chipping, peeling, or fading in 2 weeks. Any mistake with Dazzle Dry becomes minimum. And Dazzle Dazzle Dry NAIL LACQUER also leading in unique nail color. Rollouts BLUE BLOOD shade delivers a whole galaxy look putting it on.


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essie Nail Polish Limited Edition Winter Collection (Silver Jingle Belle)
$ 6.95 AT AMAZON
  • Effortless flawless
  • Holiday silver shade
  • Perfect salon-quality glossy finish

Jingle all the way this Christmas with the winter limited edition: Jingle Belle from essie Nail Polish. This winter collection essie brings back your dream childhood with six nostalgic shades. One tap and you'll enter the magic world to enjoy the pure joy of holidays. Its top salon-quality formula slide on your nails provides a perfect glossy finish without a minor flaw. Ring ring! It's time to glam up and get a perfect manicure for this special holiday.


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OPI Nature Strong Vegan Nail Polish (Force of Nailture)
$ 12.49 AT AMAZON
  • Vegan and Cruelty-free
  • 75.6% of natural-origin ingredients
  • Extra high shine, color protection and extended wear

Nature lover, if you are looking for a nail product to wear out this winter? OPI has a gift for you! Meet the OPI Nature Strong, made from plant-based ingredients nail polish. It stays long, delivers a high-shine finish, and offers 30 various shades to choose from. Save the planet while empowering your stunning with this thunderstorm-inspired nail polish.


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Mineral Fusion Nail Polish (Grey Neutral, Clean Slate)
$ 9.49 AT AMAZON
  • Effortless apply
  • Made in the USA
  • Hardening technology strengthens fragile nails

Does painting fragile nails annoy you? Does it get hurt and break easily?

Then there's another vegan nail polish to consider: Mineral Fusion Nail Polish from Healthy Beauty. 100% trustworthy since it's Cruelty-Free, Paraben Free, and does not include colorants. No chip, crack, or bubble! Weak nails? Mineral Fusion's natural ingredients will nurture and strengthen the nail barrier making it stronger than usual. Incredible, isn't it?

Beauty inside and outside: Love yourself starting from fingernails.


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Deborah Lippmann Gel Lab Pro Nail Polish, Pink Color (Delicate)
$ 20.00 AT AMAZON
  • Vegan
  • No Animal Testing
  • 10 Free Formula
  • Treatment-Enriched
  • Promotes Health, Wear and Shine

Gel Polish can use as healthy nail care too! Deborah Lippmann, the founder of Gel Lab Pro, introduces the ultimate treatment-enriched nail varnish claim with 0% damage.
Ten exclusive ingredients under the dual-patented formula offer a healthy, shiny, and long-lasting nail finish. High-quality, vegan, damaged nail treatment: Gel Lab Pro Color does nothing harm but benefits your nail from the tip to the end.
Are you dolled up in the pink color today? Check out and scoop up this gorgeous pinky shade from Gel Lab Pro.


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essie Nail Polish, Glossy Shine Finish (Good As Gold)
$ 9.99 AT AMAZON
  • Salon quality
  • Vegan formula
  • Holiday Gold metallic nail polish

Sometimes, all you need is that glitter for this holiday. Grabbing the sparkle shade called Good as Gold from essie to get the sheer nail polish in holographic gold. One touch and essie will provide a glossy shine with flawless coverage that can stay strong for a week. With the advanced fit-anyone-applicator, essie brings Incredible results in less time than ever. It's national glitter ornaments day. How can you miss this great chance to wear "Good as Gold" glitter on your nails?

Ready to "nail" every nail look this winter? The "top 12 nail colors to try out this winter season" is here for you. Stay tuned!
Beautiful hands need beautiful nails. Have fun celebrating this winter season with the top 12 holiday shades above. And remember, life is not perfect, but your nails can be. Make them look gorgeous every time and everywhere!

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